Friends Don’t Let Friends Wax at Nail Salons

They say the eyes are the window to the soul.                                                                     We say the brows are the frame of this window.

We have been doing a lot of brow correction makeovers lately. And we get some people with brows like the above picture. Unfortunately, there is almost NOTHING we can do for you when you have had an eyebrow mishap that has removed ALL of your brows. We can recommend Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost and show you how to draw them better, but that is about it. Are you telling your friends where YOU wax at?  Don’t keep us such a secret, let your friends know that they don’t HAVE to get their brows done at the nail salon. Seems like some people opt for convenience over anything else when they are busy getting ready for school and such.Then they get their brow wax added to their pedicure, thinking “I might as well, I’m already here.”


Estheticians and cosmetologists are actually the only ones that are legally licensed to wax in the state of Texas. 

So rather than opt for convenience (and leaving with that dreaded thin brow with barely any shape), come see your Waxing Queens at Vanity Room Waxing Boutique and get expert shaping, trimming, the whole nine yards. Brows are our art, they are not something we just “add on” to a service without blocking off any time for it.

Here are the brow services we offer:

  • “Just A Clean Up” Brows (no shaping, includes trim): $15
  • “The Once-in-a-While” Brows (needs some shaping & TLC): $20
  • “Virgin” Brows (full grown, needs some serious thinking): $25

We are also the proud retailers of the amazing Billion Dollar Brows line. If you are wanting what some call the “Billion Dollar Brow Makeover”, just ask us, it is the same price as the Virgin Brows. We just use a little BDB product to spice up your look, and let you see how the product can enhance your brows to frame your face perfectly!

So will you now pledge to not let your friends get waxed at the nail salon? : )

2 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Wax at Nail Salons

  1. I have very thin and sparse eyebrows what do you do with that? I have always had this problem. I don’t tweeze now, but have in the past.

    1. Hi Julie! We would definitely recommend Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost to start helping them grow in, even if you have waxed/tweezed for years. But we can also tint your brows, which makes all of those tiny little blonde hairs a little darker so that they stand out more. After that, we can wax around them to give you as much shape as possible. The tinting makes a world of difference for people with thin brows though, it makes them pop! Let us know if you’d like to try it out! Thanks!

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