Are you wearing SPF?

I’ve heard it all. “I’m not outside much.” “It’s raining.” “I sit in an office all day.” “It’s wintertime.” People, people, people! I respond, “Do you see sunlight?” The answer is usually YES! Guess what? When you see sunlight, sunlight sees you. This is the best way I can make people realize that they need to be wearing SPF! I will admit that I don’t put it on my arms and legs on a daily basis (even though I should definitely be putting it on the backs of my hands to avoid sun damage a.k.a. wrinkles & brown spots). I use it under my eyes, on my face, neck & decolette. Sun damage is the leading cause of skin cancer and definitely the leading cause of brown spots, wrinkles, and the signs of aging. Why do you think the people who live in the tanning bed have dark, leathery skin? They are totally damaging and dehydrating their skin, causing this to themselves.

I have really sensitive skin, so I was always turned off by sunscreen, it always irritated my skin and burned my eyes. I have recommended Neutrogena Healthy Defense (with Helioplex) SPF 50 to dozens of people, even men who have never worn sunscreen before, and they all really like it. It isn’t greasy, it soaks right in, it doesn’t burn and it is the perfect amount of moisture for someone with oily or combination skin. I’ve used Dermalogica’s Total Eye Care with SPF 15 for about 6 years now, it’s a little pricey, but guess how many times I have purchased it…. Just THREE times, it lasts forever and I love it. When I go without it, I start to notice my undereye area wrinkling up. These are just the products that I have found that work perfectly for my sensitive, combination skin. It doesn’t really matter what you use, as long as you are using something! Well, I say something. Some foundations have like SPF 4 in them and believe me, this is not enough for anyone. Layering SPFs on top of each other does not layer your protection either like most people think. When you mix products together, you actually get the SPFs average. So if you mix sunscreen of 50 with a non-SPF lotion of SPF ZERO, you are only getting an SPF of 25.

We will share Jenny’s story of having melanoma very soon, and it just shows how important this is for everyone in the prevention of skin cancer. So just remember, even when it’s cold, rainy, or if you sit in an office all day… the sun still sees you! : D  You will be thankful for wearing sunscreen when you age more gracefully than the sun worshippers that burn their skin!



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