Emergency Tan in an HOUR

So last week I asked our fans on Facebook if a new airbrush solution that takes 1-3 hours to develop would be beneficial to them. The response was definitely a big YES! So, I called to order the solution. Little did I know, the solution is almost double the price which was disappointing, but we are going to keep the cost of the tan as low as humanly possible for one month at a price-point of $65 and see how it does–> which will be well worth it to the last minute people needing a tan QUICK! So, it’s the same brand we have been using all along, just a different solution.



  • For a fairer skin, you will only need to leave the product on for ONE hour.
  • For a medium-tone skin, you will keep it on 2 hours
  • For a darker tan you will leave on for 3 hours.


  • You will then just RINSE the tan, not truly shower with soap. The tan will actually keep developing for 24 hours. 

The objective is that you will get some quick color AND you will not have to worry about water, raining, dog’s licking your legs, etc. ;) You can go on about your day without worrying about the tan getting messed up or about it getting really shiny on your face in particular. We are soooo excited to offer this now! I think we will call it our emergency tan… Also, we’ve been having some questions about our tan and the amount of time it lasts. The manufacturer may say that is lasts 7-14 days, but that is if you are using their pre- and post- products with it. It also depends on the lack of humidity in the air, the amount of moisture in your skin, whether or not you are using a soap that has the same pH as your skin (some soaps will completely strip your skin), if you take really hot baths that dry out your skin, etc. If you have any questions about how to get your tan to last longer, we would love to introduce you to the products that will enhance your tan and help you do that. We are not product-pushers, so we apologize if we should have told you sooner. :D   HAPPY SAFE TANNING!

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