Waxing every 4 weeks…to the date…

Some think you can wax just whenever… It is possible, you can do whatever you choose of course. But the absolute BEST way to wax is to get on an every 4 week schedule. It’s crucial to having the results you dream of. It all comes down to the science of our hair growth patterns, which takes a while to explain, but trust us…. Waxing exactly every 28 days is key. If you wax every three weeks, you are breaking up the hair cycles and training your hairs to come in sooner. if you are waiting 5-6 weeks, you are catching a cycle that is only half way grown in, inevitably leaving hairs that are too short to wax. My dedicated clients that wax every 4 weeks have less and more sparse hair than clients I have that have had laser! Just a little something to ponder if you are wanting finer,more sparse hair! :)

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