What is this “Cry Baby Mascara” you ask?

So everyone keeps asking what Cry Baby Mascara is, and although it is quite simple, it is a little difficult to explain because there are so many questions. How could something possibly be a semi-permanent mascara? Well, that’s what it is, plain and simple! ; ) Anyone that knows me, knows that I watch the Today Show every morning. Well, actually I just listen to it while I am getting ready. I love Bobbi Thomas’ beauty segments and in between putting on mascara and blow-drying my hair, I’ll run over to the TV to watch these segments of the show. So my attention was really caught when I heard her mention semi-permanent mascara. I ran to watch what it was! She said she loves this service and that you could go to their website and type in your zip code to find it near you. So that’s what I did, but there was not a single place in Fort Worth offering it. I was disappointed because I REALLY wanted this service for when my husband and I were going to the beach the next few weeks. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about mascara running down my face when I got out of the water. So I went back to putting on my makeup and it donned on me… duhhhh! Why don’t WE offer the service? Why it took me 5-10 minutes to think of this, I do not know, I think because I was pouting in my head about not being able to get the service done on myself because Bobbi Thomas REALLY made it sound like something I couldn’t live without. So I contacted Cry Baby Mascara immediately. They had no scheduled classes in Dallas. I was bummed. They did, however, have a class scheduled in Vegas that happened to be when some of my friends were going to be in Vegas. They had invited me but I thought there was just no way I could go, I am a busy girl. Well, this suddenly had now changed from fun to business and I was going to make it happen! : ) I got it all scheduled out and was really excited to learn about the service and get it done for myself by the actual trainer (selfish…I know) for my trip! But most importantly, I wanted to make sure this was a quality product that would be beneficial to our clients and do what it says it does. So they say it lasts two weeks and then it starts to just kind of disintegrate. You don’t have to get it removed because it is made to start coming off on it’s own after 2 weeks. I was shocked to still have the product on after 4 weeks. Of course it didn’t look as awesome as it did for the first couple of weeks, but it was still on there. (Which you can start to put your regular mascara on once it starts coming off… so it doesn’t look bad or anything like that.) This is after going to the beach, in and out of salt water, sweating, everything! I couldn’t believe it! And it is definitely water-proof and smudge-proof. Once it’s on your lashes, it is ON there. I almost liked the curl that lasted while the product was on there as much as the product itself. Everyday, I would wake up bright-eyed, lashes curled, mascara on, ready to go! It was amazing. Once it started really coming off after the 4 weeks, I was really missing it and the convenience it provided me. I never realized how much time I spent in the mirror each morning curling my lashes and trying to get my mascara just right. Luckily for us, they had another class in Vegas on June 11th, perfectly corresponding with the Las Vegas International Cosmetics, Esthetics & Spa Conference and the International Beauty Show that we had all been wanting to go to ever since we became estheticians! By this point, I knew for myself that this product definitely lived up to everything it says on their website, and I couldn’t go without having it! So Jenny, Alex, Crystal & I went and now we are all certified in this amazing service! We have done quite a few since, and everyone really seems to enjoy their mascara. People ask if this is a tint? It is not a dye. The product is black so it goes on black, but when it comes off, your lashes are not tinted black. They also have other colors you can add to the product if you’d like hints of color which is neat! Some people think they want really, really thick mascara. This is fine when it is mascara that you remove every night. If we did the Cry Baby really, really thick, your lashes would stick together and be together until the product came off or was removed. So, if this is the look you like, you can always add mascara to it for when you are going out, etc. For everyday, it is best to do the mascara more natural and thin, and it looks really, really good this way on everyone it seems. That way it looks like you have the lashes you have, and not spider-leg lashes. We will get some pictures up on here and our Facebook page soon! We have been so busy but we really need to take the time to do that! Thanks for reading, and let us know if you have any questions that are unanswered here! ; )

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