What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you all about our Las Vegas trip! On June 10th, Jenny, Alex, Crystal & I set out for Viva Las Vegas! It was each of their’s first time to Vegas, but I had been just a few weeks before to go to the CryBaby Mascara class myself to make sure it was a service worthy of us providing! We had quite the agenda, as soon as we dropped off our luggage at the hotel, we headed straight to the International Esthetics, Cosmetics, & Spa Conferences and the International Beauty Show! Both were being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which was super convenient & our tickets got us into both shows! Normally, when IECSC comes to Dallas, the IBS does not tag along. It was really neat to go to the IBS because this included cosmetology, so we got to see some really fun hair styles and products!

Just a few of the crazy hair styles we got to see! It was really cool! : )

Besides seeing hair styles, Alex & Crystal got their picture taken with these guys:

We told them we would listen to their “schpill” after they took pictures with us, but then their      “schpill” was about nails…oopsies!


For some reason I couldn’t stop laughing when taking these pictures! I think the guy on the right wanted to ask Crystal for her # : )

We also attended some makeup classes and watched some really neat demonstrations! We saw the sweet FarmHouse Fresh ladies and stopped by their booth, they were shocked that we hadn’t put the products out yet! We were waiting for the big reveal of the boutique when we got back into town to put all the new products out…more on that in a little while! ; ) So the shows kind of wore us out, so we went back to the hotel and had a low-key dinner that was yummy! The next day, we woke up bright and early to go to the much-anticipated CryBaby Mascara class! We learned all about the product and application. This service is amazing. Who wouldn’t want semi-permanent mascara? I’m going to write my next blog all about it! This blogging is kind of fun! : ) So after the class, our minds were full but our tummies were starving! We headed to the strip and ate the most amazing lunch/dinner at The Sugar Factory. We walked around afterwards and looked at some hotels, it was a fun night and then it was time to come back home the next morning! While we were away, Jennifer and my friend Amanda (whom I owe both a great amount of Thank You’s!) were busybees giving the boutique it’s big makeover with things I had ordered before we left! We came back and our jaws dropped, it’s like being in a whole new place! The walls are still bare, but we are waiting on our CryBaby Mascara & Sweet Spot Labs certificates to make nicely framed collages in the rooms. We came back so excited to tell everyone about what we learned and then to walk into a new boutique, it was the best feeling and the excitement hasn’t worn off yet! So they say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but we can’t let it stay…. we have to tell you all about it! ; ) We now have the CryBaby Mascara service to offer, and we have FarmHouse Fresh Goods & Sweet Spot Labs products! And maybe a few things we learned about at the shows but haven’t decided on yet! : ) We have the best clients that deserve the best, so we are keeping up with the West Coast and East Coast trends and bringing them to YOU! Did you know we are the FIRST salon in Fort Worth to offer CryBaby? We had to fly to Vegas, but we finally got it HERE! Thanks for reading my very first blog, I’m excited to write more and our Waxing Queens are going to write some informative blogs as well! Thanks for reading! : )




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